Tom Brodie, Co-Owner. CPT

A former baseball player for the U.S. Army, Tom has coached many athletes from runners to soccer players with a specialized focus with baseball players. He is a Certified Personal trainer with over 30 years experience, who is also certified in Sports Nutrition& Kickboxing. He has worked in a private studio setting for the last 7 years, as well as working for companies such as World Gym, Gold’s Gym, Nautilus Fitness Center and is now the proud Owner of APTS. His life’s work is enabling people to become overall healthier individuals and enjoy doing it!
Our Trainers
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Lee Brewer, Co-Owner. CPT

For 9 years now, Lee has successfully helped clients who's needs range from weight loss to body building. Lee also has a special knack for helping clients work around injuries and other physical limitations. He also has multiple ISSA certifications. However, the biggest asset that he can offer his clients is that he has also gone through the weight loss struggle. He lost over 50 pounds before deciding to help others reach their fitness goals. Lee can honestly tell his clients "I understand your struggle."
Holly Manganaro, Certified Pilates Instructor

Holly was certified in Pilates mat and apparatus through Core Dynamics. Her comprehensive training was completed at Wellspring Studio where she was an Instructor. She also danced professionally with the Long Beach Ballet & Nevada Dance Theatre. Holly has worked as a Physical Therapist Assistant and has been able to combine her knowledge of Pilates & therapy to benefit her patients to the fullest extent. Her encouragement & close attention to detail inspires her clients to always strive to the next level. 
Hannah Brodie, CPT

Hannah's experience includes Personal Training, Physical Therapy Aide experience & a recent Sports Nutritionist Certification. She is currently a Junior at NCCU & is working towards her Bachelor's in Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise and Sports Science. Hannah has been in the Health and Fitness Field for over 12 years. She loves to help her clients become more knowledgeable about the changes that can ensure longevity and a healthier lifestyle!
Hannah is very passionate about what she does. She is flexible and dedicated to your success. I invite you to consider her as YOUR Trainer and let her help you to develop your goals!
Email: hannahmaree84@gmail.com
Jae Edwards, CPT, Professional Boxer, Boxing Trainer

Over 30 years of training experience!

I personally strive to be the best in everything I do. I realized the struggle of many who want the right answers to weight loss / fat-loss but are frustrated due to countless accounts of misinformation, myths and diets. This compelled me to make personal training / coaching a career to help you obtain what I know you can with the proper information / training. I'm dedicated to encourage, uplift / direct you to be the best! I know my team members and I can get you to your personal fitness goals if you do what we ask you to do. It will take hard work, dedication, determination, will power, persistence, time, pain, sweat and maybe some tears.
Website: www.personaltrainerapex.com
Email: james@personaltrainerapex.com
Leslie Thorpe, CPT, Precision Nutrition Coach 

Leslie fell in love with helping others achieve their fitness goals almost 20 years ago. She began working at a large fitness studio in Sarasota Florida as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She recognizes that every person is different. They have different goals, struggles and strengths .She is passionate about understanding each client individually to set them up for success. Both in their workout routines and nutrition. Her goal is to help her clients create lifestyle changes that correlate with their social, work and family life so they can always look and feel their best.